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O'Donnell Construction Services Southern California

O'Donnell Construction - Residential, Commercial, Retrofit Services

O'Donnell Construction

Michael O'Donnell - Owner
O'Donnell Construction Company California

O'Donnell Construction Services

Welcome to Our Company!

About Our Company

O'Donnell Construction is a second generation owned and operated business that has proudly served the Southern California area for more than twenty five years. We are well known for our high quality workmanship and our ability to effectively solve problems.

It is our mission to provide our clients with on-time performance, quality work, and making sure our customers are more than satisfied is our #1 priority. We work closely with our clients, walking them through the project from start to finish. It is important that we clearly understand all the objectives to ensure we provide a superior finished product.

Our construction crew is a group of diverse individuals with expertise in many trade areas. Some of our crew members have been working with us for as long as twenty years and they are heavily experienced with the multi-facet needs our company provides its' customers.

And, when services of sub-contractors are needed… -

for speciality projects at the edge of our scope, we utilize industry reliant outsource companies some of which we have been working with for over a decade. Of course we are always welcoming new, innovative service companies to work with and make sure we inform ourselves of the newest, up-to-date sub-contractors available in the construction market today.

We maintain an approved sub-contractor list of qualified and stable proven companies. We only work with companies who provide us references and proof of their financial stability along with qualifications proving their competence in application of their skills. We accept nothing less than the highest performance quality standards for our clients.

We are committed to high safety standards for our work crews and clients through safety risk management protocols including appropriate insurance coverages. Enforcement of our safety measure practices and precautions protect all concerned parties against unnecessary incidents and promote a healthy workplace environment. We believe in safety first and always.

Our Construction Services
Our clients appreciate our honesty, punctuality, and attention to detail. Each project is unique and we offer our customers a comprehensive construction plan, sound advice, and genuine peace of mind.

Our experience in many aspects of residential and commercial projects have credited us with a proven track record in the construction industry. We meet our client's construction project objectives including budgetary needs and timely execution to ensure successful completion of all construction projects we are assigned.

We listen to our client's needs and offer ideas and suggestions that can benefit their project and we also help in troubleshooting any problem areas. And, when inspection processes are needed for renovations or retrofits, we make detailed reports that our clients can clearly understand.

Our services include Interior & Exterior construction work along with Custom Design options for many services offered. Please select a service below to learn more.

O'Donnell Construction
New Construction Services
Construction services for new buildings and new construction existing spaces entailing complete ground floor and up builds, installs, and inspections including "go green" efficiency custom building and improvements.

O'Donnell Construction
Remodeling Services
Structural remodeling services comprise of complete building remodels to single room transformations. We plan and design all of your building improvements from demolition to final inspection.

O'Donnell Construction
Retrofit Services
Seismic retrofit inspecting and building services for interior and exterior reinforcements to secure resistant structural areas such as walls, support beams, chimneys, foundations, flexible piping connections, and more!

O'Donnell Construction
Water Proofing & Testing Services
Water intrusion troubleshooting is a specialized service offering water testing to identify and determine source problem areas of leakage to address along with providing a detailed plan of action to repair leaks.

O'Donnell Construction
Finish Carpentry Services
Finish Carpentry provides many quality detailed services for interior and exterior additions such as doors and windows, custom cabinetry, stair systems, fireplace mantels, yard fences, and more!

Whether you are planning new construction, increasing your energy service needs or converting existing home or business spaces, we can help you in all aspects of your building stages. Our new construction building services will help you customize your ideas into practical building solutions!

We invite you to view some of the various Construction Projects we have completed for our clients along with some of our Customer Testimonials.

Contact Our Company
Please feel free to ask us questions or to request our construction services. We are happy to discuss your project needs or address any concerns you may have about our residential or commercial services for your construction needs.

Visit our Our Contact Form section to tell us about the project you have in mind and to schedule an on-site estimate visit with us. Alternatively, you may also call our office at 805.798.0155 or e-mail us to discuss the project you have in mind.

We look forward to consulting with you and helping out with your construction needs!

O'Donnell Construction Company Southern California

O'Donnell Construction
Licensed Real Estate Agent

We are a licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of California allowing us to provide our customers with valuable information when acquiring residential or commercial property.

We can address concerns of new property buyers for certain regulations that may exist in certain areas. We can inform you about certain building codes that may apply along with area locale concerns for building such as earthquake seismic zones.

We can also help you find property that may be suitable for your building needs. Please contact us with your inquiries.

O'Donnell Construction

KISCL & Web Vest

O'Donnell Construction

O'Donnell Construction brings property investors the advantage tool use of WebVest, an investment analysis software to assist you in qualifying property for multiple financing options.

O'Donnell Construction

The WebVest Calculator will help you analyze your property to see the Return on Equity as a investment with the basic current financing options.

In association with KISCL you are invited to try out the calculator, utilize website info, training materials, and much more! Visit the KISCL and WebVest website to learn more.

O'Donnell Construction

Retrofit Services & California Earthquake Insurance

Increasing awareness of structural concerns across California Earthquake Seismic Zones has prompted O'Donnell Construction to offer Retrofit Services for structural reinforcements. We understand the importance of "Building sound structures you can depend on"!

California Earthquake Map
View California Earthquake Info
View California Real-Time Fault Map

California Earthquake Authority (CEA) homeowners insurance policies are issued through CEA Participating Insurers and can help rebuild your home if it suffers extensive damage from an earthquake. CEA also offers a Premium Calculator to help you determine insurance rates for your area.

All companies that sell residential property insurance in California are required by law to offer earthquake insurance to homeowners when the policy is first sold and then every two years thereafter.

There are many advantages to securing your home or business for Retrofit:

  • providing safety measures for persons and assets

  • obtain a lower deductible and better pricing on your earthquake insurance

  • completed retrofit work saves on earthquake insurance to pay for itself in 3-4 years

  • reduced risk factors increase granting of new or additional bank loans

  • older buildings are more likely to secure earthquake insurance

  • property value increases

Commercial earthquake insurance known as Difference in Conditions (DIC) policies are provided to industrial and commercial companies. Earthquake coverage can either be purchased as a separate policy or as an endorsement to the standard business owners policy. Ask your insurance provider about the various provisions and customizing of this policy available.

The California Department of Insurance has resourceful public info for residential and commercial insurance coverage such as information guides, news, study reports, and much more!

Retrofit & Energy Incentives, Credits, Assistance Programs

In recognition of world wide "Go Green Efforts Initiative", there are several organizations providing incentives and assistance available for home and business owners. Eligibility exists for owners who install energy efficient equipment and building materials, adopt renewable energy measures, or improve the overall efficiency of a home or business building with eco-friendly structures and equipment.

Please refer to our resource list of websites we have compiled to help you explore the advantages of the greening up initiative. View Retrofit & Energy Incentive Resources PDF.

O'Donnell Construction

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